Wheel Chock

7,000.00 Includes GST 18%

Moto Trailer Wheel Chock is a wheel locking system for motorcycles that supports the motorcycle in an upright position on any flat surface. The locking mechanism securely locks the wheel into place and can accommodate either front or rear wheels in sizes from 15-22in.


  • This fully adjustable wheel locking system is capable of accommodating either front or rear wheels in sizes from 15-22in
  • The locking mechanism securely supports your motorcycle in an upright position on any type of flat surface or transport platform
  • The wheel chock also serves as a Trailer Chock. Requires only one person to load or release any motorcycle and in most cases, 2 tie-down straps are required to secure the bike for transport

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Blue, Orange, Red, Black, Green

3 reviews for Wheel Chock

  1. anil

    good product and super quality .i purchased wheel chock for my bike Harley fat boy .
    really love with the brand.

  2. Aradhey

    Awesome!! We get best quality products from Syndicate Motors (Formerly knowns as Moto Trailers) in Affordable Price.

  3. Vishal

    Wow! At last I got a Best Product !!!!! Tnks Syndicate

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