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Universal Motorcycle Rear Paddock Stand

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Paddock Stand

Motorcycle Rear Paddock Stand (BLK)

The race for a better and higher quality performance has this thus; manufacturers are looking for ways to save weight however they can. For these, many of our bikes these days are not blessed with a centre stand. Because of the lack of this handy feature, standing the bike upright to perform even the most basic of tasks, such as changing the oil and bike cleaning not overlooking tasks like removing the front or rear wheels, chain cleaning and adjustment or putting on tyre warmers to be more topical, may be made considerably difficult. With all these are you still not open to reasons why you will need paddock stands for your motorcycles? Moto Trailers Motorcycle black Rear Paddock Stand is the ideal stand For Lifting a motorcycle’s back end in any occasion. Our motorcycle rear paddock stands have unique width arm that allows you to raise the rear of your motorcycle making it easier to clean, maintain the tires and even save you some garage space.


  • High quality: Moto Trailers black Motorcycle Rear Paddock Stand is 100% brand new and of high quality for motorcycles. Crafted from solid steel material; 32mm cold rolled steel, 1.6mm thick tubing for excellent quality. The durable powder coat of black finish resists corrosion.
  • Easy to use and carry: Our rear paddock stand is an essential gear that's easy to use. It requires no self-assembly of tube sections; easy to use and very durable. It has an adjustable design for convenience. Secure and stable, compact and light enough to take with you for track days.
  • Great design: Our black rear paddock stands have been designed to lift the rear of your motorcycle for easy maintenance and repair jobs. They completely lift the rear of any dual swing arm motorcycle for changing a tire, tightening the chain, servicing brakes, or changing the oil. The dual wheel casters on each are robust, oil resistant thereby offering you stability, efficient grip and movement
  • Effective: With Moto Trailers black Motorcycle Rear Paddock Stand, you will prevent dry rot or flat spots on your tires as well as prevent moisture damage from having your bike parked on concrete for long periods of time.
  • Package: Moto Trailers black Motorcycle Rear Paddock Stand tube work is formed on leading CNC tube-bending machines ensuring optimum accuracy. The package comes with 1 x Rear Stand 1 x Accessories.


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    • Will it work for 2018 kawasaki ninja 1000 ?

      Absolutley. The stand is universal, so it should work with most sport/sports bikes out there.