Premium Rear Paddock Stand


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  • Our Rear Stand lifts all bikes, with or without spools. It comes as standard with both spool and swingarm attachments.
  • It is width adjustable to fit virtually all sportbikes
  • The Moto Trailers rear motorcycle stand was designed to be as easy to use as possible
  • The handle is removable, thus reducing the area taken by the stand and prevents accidental knocks while the bike is on the stand. Sold complete with spool and swingarm supports
  • Customer support: Moto Trailers Motorcycle Single Sided Paddock Stand comes with variety of pins available to suit different bikes; we advice that you specify your motorcycle model while placing order.



This stand may not work with  Ninja 1000, Versys/Vulcan 650 or ZX14R models with stock fenders as this stand will not clear the low-hanging fenders of these bikes. If you have a fender eliminator installed on those bikes, you may use this motorcycle stand on any of those bikes


The stand works fine with Hayabusa even with the stock rear fenders and without a tail tidy


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