Welcome to MotoTrailers Partnership Program

Moto Trailers is a high quality brand of bike paddock stands, trailers and accessories - with a fast growing network of dealers and drop-shippers. We are always excited to partner with businesses in the motorcycle industry to be able to provide high quality products for the end user.



Become an Authorized Dealer for Motor Trailers

  1. Authorized Dealers can place bulk orders
  2. Upto 30% Discount- with minimum order value of Rs 15,000*
  3. Prices inclusive of GST & Shipping
  4. GST Registration is compulsory for Dealers
  5. FREE MotoTrailers merchandise
  6. Authorized Dealers will be promoted on our website and social media channels, giving them access to offline retail customers
  7. Online Support
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Become a Dropshipper for Moto Trailers

  1. Dropshippers can place bulk orders
  2. Upto 20% Discount*
  3. Prices inclusive of GST & Shipping
  4. NO MINIMUM Inventory required
  5. FREE MotoTrailers merchandise
  6. Online Support
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* T&C Apply
For any queries related to Dealership & Dropshipping, please get in touch with us Here
Frequently Asked Questions
1. What are requirements for someone to become a Dealer/ Drop Shipper
 - You must have a registered GSTIN
2.Difference between Dealer and Drop Shipper?
 - Dealers get upto 30% discount on orders with minimum cart value of rs 15,000/ 5 order quantity whereas Drop shippers get upto 20% discount with no minimum order value restriction
3.How much time it takes for bulk deliveries?
 - Dependent on courier
4.What are the payment options?
- Dealers get option of NET30 days
5.What support can we expect as dealers and drop shippers?
- We are always available via Phone, messenger and email to make sure all your queries and requirements are met