If you own a superbike or aspire to own one, you know it comes with just the side-stand and no center-stand. 

Due to the absence of the center-stand, there is a lack of stability for when your motorbike is stationary.

But as it happens, just as in life, stability is also crucial for your superbike.

And since a Paddock Stand is a piece of equipment that fills that void by providing stability to your Motorbike, owning one of them becomes something of a no-brainer.

But if you’re not convinced, here are six reasons why you need a Paddock Stand for your Motorbike:


  • Paddock Stand Provides Balance
  • As already mentioned, a Paddock Stand provides solid stability to your Motorbike. Once engaged, the Paddock Stand ensures that your Motorbike stays put like a statue, which means no rocking or wobbling forward or backward.

    There is no better way to park your Bike upright than using Paddock Stand.

    One might argue that it is even one of the best post-purchase investments, for it keeps everything in place


  • Paddock Stand Saves Time & Energy
  • The process of assembling a Paddock Stand on your motorbike involves no rocket science. It is, in fact, effortless to use. The process of engaging the stand on your bike and lifting it is pretty straightforward. 

     Moreover, it doesn’t take too long to get the Paddock Stand out and ready to use. The first time you use the Paddock Stand, you might take some time. But any time following that, we’re talking about a matter of minutes, if not seconds.

    Imagine tending to your motorbike without a Paddock stand, just using the side-stand.

    I can tell you it is no less than a headache.

    On the contrary, when you install the Paddock Stand, you can easily maneuver and operate on your motorbike. But if you try to do the same thing with a side-stand, you will find that not to be the case. So, a job which can take up hours, with the assistance of a Paddock Stand, gets done in a matter of minutes, thereby saving time and energy.

  • Paddock Stand Provides Safety 
  • When safety comes into question, it becomes a priority one. And we’re not only talking about your personal safety, but also the safety of your motorbike.

    Let me give you a scenario wherein you are not using a Paddock Stand. So, you are doing some maintenance on your motorbike, probably changing the oils or cleaning the chain. The bike is standing on the side-stand, and boom, out of nowhere, it falls over. 

    Now the worst-case scenario might be that you injure yourself. But that’s not even the scary bit. What’s scary is that your motorbike might get damaged or get unnecessary scratches. 

    Nobody wants to see that.

    And that is what makes a Paddock Stand all the more important to prevent any safety hazard when it comes to superbikes.


  • Paddock Stand Improves Lifetime 
  • Believe it or not, Paddock stand does save lives. 

    It saves the life of the side-stand of your motorbike and also saves the life of your bike’s tires. 

    When you use something, it is only natural that it experiences wear and tear over time. 

    And so, by using additional equipment, you end up sharing the load with the original component. And this ends up increasing the lifetime of that component. 

    That is true in the case of the side-stand of your motorbike. But it is not just limited to the side-stand. 

    Due to the recent Covid restrictions, not able to take your bike for a spin into the sun on the weekend has been a demanding experience. And it’s not only you who is facing the music.

    Your bike’s tires also face the brunt. 

    In a situation where you’re not able to go out, your bike’s tires without a Paddock Stand might experience challenges like flat spots. 

    A Paddock stand helps avoid this situation, as it lifts the tires off the ground. 

    Also, if you’re moving to a new city and you need to transport your bike to your new location. 

    Good luck sending your bike without placing it on a Paddock Stand. You’ll be fortunate if your bike doesn’t sustain any damages in transit. 

    The Paddock Stand to the rescue again.


  • Paddock Stand Aids in Maintenance
  • The usual Supersport bikes have a low ground clearance compared to the bikes used for commuting. That's why their manufacturers like to keep the stock weight of the motorcycle as minimal as possible.

    This is where the Paddock Stand fills the gap as it provides a much-needed ground clearance to aid any maintenance activity. 

    Imagine undertaking basic motorcycle maintenance activities like Cleaning, Chain Lubrication, Oil-filter change, Tyre inspection, something related to wheels, etc. 

    In all these situations, having a Paddock Stand makes all these activities achievable on the go. And that is also one of the reasons you'll find Paddock Stand in every motorbike workshop.


  • Paddock Stand for DIY
  • If you are one of those people who love to get their hands greasy, getting a Paddock Stand is the very first thing you need to do.

    Doing stuff on your own is not easy. You need all the help, and that’s where the Paddock Stand comes into the picture. I mean, how do you expect to do the repairs or any maintenance work if your bike is not stable? You’re not expecting someone to stand with you all the time holding your bike, do you? 


    That is why it is best if you have a tool that keeps your motorbike upright in your garage. Once you have that leverage, you can get your hands dirty.

    What’s even better is that you don’t need a lot of space for storing the Paddock Stand. It is compact and can be dismantled when it is not in use. 


    Final Thoughts

    After reading all the reasons which make a Paddock Stand a necessity for your motorbike, it should stand tall in the list of accessories you need to have for your bike.  

     Having spent hundreds of thousands or even millions on your bike, purchasing a Paddock Stand, which prevents your motorbike from falling over worth a few thousand, becomes a no-brainer.

    Now that you understand the importance of Paddock stands for your bike, it is also essential to consider the quality at hand.

    Our assessment of the quality includes ease of assembling, frame construction, and product lifetime, among many other factors. 

    And when we talk about quality, we recommend you check out some of the best Paddock Stands offered by Moto Trailers. Depending on your requirements, we have Paddock stands available for various Motorbikes. Pick your choice.

    Pamper your super motorbike in a way we know best. Because you deserve it, and so does your motorbike.

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