Horse trailers are one of the most versatile trailers. You can use them to tow heavy or large objects like a race car or even horses themselves. Horse trailers themselves can be classified into three kinds:

Bumper Towed Horse Trailers:

The kind of horse trailer you own or purchase depends on the number of horses you own. The bumper towed horse trailer is typically used by those who own or carry fewer than three horses. Also known as the tag-along trailer, bumper trailers are connected via a coupler from their front to the hitch attached to the bumper of the vehicle. They are generally smaller than most other vehicles and can be carried by themselves without a special vehicle. 

Gooseneck Horse Trailers

Gooseneck trailers are ideal when you own more than three horses. They are the most ideal for longer distances and also have enough space to carry your horses along with lots of tack. This kind of a trailer consists of the main trailer and has an overhead extension like the neck of a goose, that connects to the vehicle. 

Gooseneck trailers are extremely spacious, with a special room for tack or saddle racks. They are also more stable than bumper towed horse trailer, are safer to drive and easier to manoeuver. 

Living Quarter Horse Trailers

This kind of a trailer is best when you have to travel long distances or stay over for shows. It goes by its name, meaning it has enough room to be a house trailer while also carrying your horses along. It is a mix of a horse trailer and gooseneck trailer. 

Living Quarter trailers are quite expensive but can be profitable for someone who uses them regularly for travel and stays. This trailer can be designed according to ones needs. It can be as simplistic and you may want, with a simple kitchen, dining area and a bedroom, or luxurious with a home-like interior.

 Hose trailer have two kinds of entrances which depends on how your horses enter the trailer. They can either be slant or straight load trailers. Slant load trailers are optimism for carrying more than two horses. They have enough space for you to store your tack or gear given that in this kind of a trailer, the horses travel side-by-side in diagonal stalls. 

Horses are considered to be straight load, so more often, straight load trailers are considered for horses. But these are much smaller than the slant load trailers and can carry up to two horses. It is also a lot safer, because it has a door at the front that the handler can use to safely walk out of the trailer after walking the horse in. 

While purchasing a horse trailer, you can choose between a new trailer or a used one. The used one will cost you a lot lesser than the new one, but could prove to be problematic if there are issues with the trailer. Because the floors take most of the brunt, you need to ensure that the used trailer that you are going to purchase has had its floor recently replaced, and has had proper mechanical and electrical maintenance. 

Buying a brand new horse trailer can prove to be heavy on your pocket. But seeing it as a long-term investment will make it more buyable. New trailers also give you the option to mole the trailer as you like with whatever changes necessary for your comfort unlike the used trailers. 

One of the few things to keep in mind before buying a horse is that horses are claustrophobic, so ensuring that there is enough room in the trailer will make for a comfortable ride for the horses. While at that, also ensure that the horses have enough room To move around sideways or backwards. 

When buying a horse trailer, ensure there are no sharp edges or anything sharp that might hurt the horses. The floorboards should also be of the appropriate size, because the horses tend to trip over large floorboards.

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