A lot of motorcycles these days are omitting the inclusion of center stand altogether to make the vehicle lighter. In such cases, paddock stands are coming in handy, and there has been an increase in demand for the same.


Paddock stands are a great investment if you own a motorcycle that is not a commuter bike or the adventure touring motorcycle. You can put the paddock stand to many uses, and here are a few!


  1. Bike servicing


When you are servicing your bike, it is essential that it is properly balanced in the centre. When removing the older engine oil out, or replacing the filters, having the bike titles to one side can make it very difficult. It would also be difficult to ensure that all the oil has been successfully removed because of the title in the bike. A paddock stand will balance your vehicle right in the centre, so you can change your oil and the filters with ease and comfort.


  1. Washing your bike


When washing your bike, it is a great idea to have your bike lifted by a rear paddock stand. The paddock stand makes it extremely easy to move the bike around while washing. You could also wash your bike while it is on the side stand, but there are chances of the bike sliding away because of all the water. A paddock stand makes it easier to keep the bike in place so you can do your cleaning in peace.


  1. Chain Maintenance


Chain maintenance requires you to have your rear wheel free so you can remove the chain and clean it properly. When you use a rear paddock stand, the rear wheel is lifted up which makes it easier for you to remove the chain, clean it and then lubricate it.


  1. Storing your bike


There are times when you cannot use your bike for longer periods of time, like during the pandemic. In such cases, it is always advisable to lift your bike up on both the rear and front paddock stand so your bike is lifted off the ground. Letting your bike rest on the side stand for a longer time with no usage can result in the tyres losing the pressure and end up being flat.


Before storing your bike make sure you have filled air in your tyres a little more than the suggested air pressure, and rest them on your paddock stands.


  1. Tyre Punctures or tyre changes


A punctured tyre requires your bike to be balanced in the centre to be able to remove the rear or the front tyre for replacement. A paddock stand helps you balance the bike in the centre so you can easily fix your tyres. Paddock stands also help you change your tyres with ease and without any discomfort.



A paddock stand has great many uses, and owning one is always a great idea. It is a great long-term investment, especially if you are a motorcycle enthusiast or someone who uses a motorcycle almost every day.


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