Finding the right helmet as a beginner can be very difficult, especially with so many helmets available in the market. There are a lot of things that need to be ticked off on the checklist, and we have made it easier for you. Here is a list of helmets that you can invest in and get the best!


  1. Vega Off Road OR-D/V-DK_L Full Face Helmet


This helmet is a great one if you are into helmets that are really stylish yet convenient! This helmet has built-in goggles, and has detachable and washable interiors. It has rear mounted dual port exhaust vents for optimum airflow. It retails at a price of INR 1550 only and i s a great investment!


  1. Steelbird SBA-1 Free Live Matt Black with Grey with Smoke visor, 580mm


This ISI approved, full-face helmet has an Italian design. It does with an eyeshade that is retractable, and can be positioned multiple ways to ensure ease and comfort while you are driving. The outer shell is made of ABS that promises complete protection in case of an accident. It comes with a dark visor that protects your eyes from the harmful UV rays. It retails for a price of INR 1835, and fits right under the budget!


  1. Vega Off OR-D/V-SKT-WS_M Road Sketch Full Face Graphic Helmet


This helmet has an aerodynamic design and is ISI approved, with an high impact shell made of ABS. It has advanced CAD technology that provides superior fit and comfort. This helmet also has detachable and washable interiors with built-in goggles. It is a scratch resistant helmet and has rear mounted dual port exhaust vents. It is priced at INR 2096 and is a great helmet to invest in!


  1. Studds Ninja Elite Full Face Helmet with Carbon Center Strip


Conveniently priced at INR 1208, this helmet is a flip up, full-face helmet. It has a quick release visor for ease of removing and cleaning it. It also has a quick release chin strap which makes it very easy to fasten and unfasten the helmet. It also harbours an hypoallergenic liner that prevents allergies and increases comfort. Its outer shell is high impact and provides great protection and safety.


  1. Steelbird SB-50 Adonis Dashing Black with Plain Visor


This helmet is a high impact, and has an ABS shell material. Its body is painted with UV resistant, high quality polyurethane paints. It has a dynamic ventilation to provide better airflow to the rider while driving. It also has a quick release chin strap that allows for ease of fastening and unfastening of the helmet. It is affordable priced at INR 886.


Steelbird SB-50 Adonis Dashing Black with Plain Visor


This is a full-face, ISI certified helmet that comes with a high impact outer shell for provision of superior safety and protection. IT has UV resistant paint that prevents scratching and fading of the paint. IT has a quick release chin strap that allows for ease of fastening and unfastening of the helmet. It also has a quick release visor that can be easily removed and cleaned. It has an hypoallergenic lining that helps prevent allergies and discomfort. It provides all-round protection in case of any unfortunate impact.


The helmet is the second most important in terms of safety while riding a motorcycle. It is essential that you buy a helmet that fits you perfectly, is not too small nor too big. Ensuring you buy the best quality helmet in terms of finish, size and quality will prove beneficial in the long run.



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