If you are a motorcycle enthusiast looking to give your bike some love, then this article about Motorcycle Paddock Stands is for you.

Granted, it’s not something that every biker would have, still it’s always good to learn about them. After all, you never know when you might have to use one. Mostly you will find these paddocks at service centers or in local garages. But, it’s good to have one and know how they work. This will definitely make your life easier especially if you are into DIY motorcycle maintenance or simply want to store the bike for a relatively long period of time.

If you were going to buy a bike today, it’s highly likely that it won’t come equipped with a main stand. This is why in case you need to stand the bike in an upright position; the regular stand aka side stands won’t come handy. You need to use the paddocks to stand the bike in an upright and stable position.

Paddock stand construction

The construction of paddock stand looks really simple yet it’s complex at the same time. Typically these stands have a rectangular frame which is connected by wheels on the back side and there are two holdings mounts on front. There is a frame for pushing and pulling that comes connected at the angle in order to provide the much needed support to the stand on the ground so it doesn’t shake or wobble.

Different types of motorcycles are compatible with different kinds of paddock stands that come in various sizes and shapes. You can also find the ones that are adjustable which fit all kinds of motorcycles with varying specifications. These stands are available for rear as well as front wheel.

Using a Paddock Stand

Using this particular item is pretty straightforward. Always start the process by installing the rear stand first. Make sure not to use the front paddock stand first without the rear paddock stand already in place otherwise you run the risk of the bike falling over.

  • Support the vehicle in a vertical position then place the stand at the back of the bike and place the clips just under the swingarm.
  • Once the stand is placed securely and is ready to be lifted, press down the handle and lift the bike slowly.  
  • Press the handle towards the ground and that should elevate and support the bike.
  • The bike should now be secured and elevated.  

Word of caution - It’s important that you be careful while moving the bike. You should avoid moving the bike much wile it is on the stands.

After you have secured the rear end of the bike, you are ready to install the front stand too. You can lift the bike with the front stand using two methods. First one is to lift from the bottom of the forks and the second is from under the steering head.


  • You will find several types of stands out in the market that lift the bike and handles in both the front and the rear. You might want to explore several styles that go with your preferences and bike specs.
  • Make sure the pins that lift the bike on the front end are angled right for the motorcycle. Make sure to use proper steering pin for the bike.
  • We already mentioned that it’s important to use the rear stand first before moving on to the front stand otherwise you won’t be able to stabilize the front stand.
  • It is advised to have some extra help handy in case you have a little trouble working your way with the stand for the first time.

Uses of a Motorcycle Paddock Stand

This stand is supposed to serve multiple purposes. Some of those are –

  • Tyre change
  • Puncture Repair
  • Checking and repair wheel
  • Offers support to the bike
  • Overall servicing
  • Aids in effortless washing and cleaning of the bike
  • Aids in maintaining and cleaning the chain
  • Keeps the wheels off the ground, thus avoiding flat spots and increasing the life of your tires

As you can see, this one little tool serves many purposes which is why most garages and repair shops have this item lying around in their garage. If you are someone who is heavily invested in undertaking DIY projects then investing in a good paddock stand is worth it. You will be able to get a lot of things done with just one tool.

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