The outlook of the motorcycles manufacturer and distributors were positive and expected to return growth, supportive by growing economy over the period of 2017-2019. Thus, the demand for motorcycles was predicted to increase as a huge percentage of the population opts to own one. For a lot of folks, owning a two wheels vehicle is convenient but buying one doesn't simplicity comes with a price as there's a lot of information to take in before a newbie motor owner twists the throttle.


Basic Things That You Should Keep in Mind

Purchasing a motorcycle is like investing a thing which should give value to your hard earned money hence it is advisable to scrutinize the item prior to closing the deal. Here are some basic things that you need to keep in mind before you purchase.


New or Used

Novice bike rider often thinks a number of tradeoffs associated with new and used motorcycles. Both have an advantage of their own like new one have the latest features, design, and warranty also will give you peace of mind while a used bike is much cheaper and great for beginners who have less worry of damaging something.


Seat Height

With the bike position upright, the measurement of seat height is from the lowest point a motorcycle's saddle to the ground. Seat height may vary depending on the type (Yamaha YZF-R15, KTM Duke 200, Honda CBD-Stunner etc.) of bike your choice may also depend on which you are comfortable with. Sit in on the motorcycle, feel the weight and see if it is fit with your standard.


Engine Vibration

Engine vibration is another factor to consider. Riders are exposed to both arm and body vibration, excessive shaking allows the motorist to feel hand-numbness over time. Choose one that has a smooth performance to keep you safe and comfortable on the road.


Fuel Efficiency

It's no surprise that bikes are more fuel efficient than four-wheel cars. Some motorcycles today come with a 4-stroke engine (which is more efficient in terms of gas) or ranging from 100cc to 2000 cc. There’s a lot of model or types of bike, pick one that meets both, good performance and less hunger for fuel.


Consider Your Budget

Again, buying a motorcycle is a sort of investment which should be worth the price and knowing your budget is an advantage. Remember that you are not only getting the bike but you might be buying some accessories like a helmet or other things that would match your riding needs and personalities. Also, motorcycles purchase includes maintenance and operating expenses thus try to research the cost of spare parts of your desired bike and make a comparison to save a fortune.


Maybe you will purchase a bike guided by your passion in spite of the inevitable issues to consider. But hopefully, these facts help you decide to ride a motorcycle that you have been dreamed of. Now, ready to hop in and drive?

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