How to replace motorcycle Brake pads

Regularly replacing your motorcycle brake pads is a good aspect of motorcycle maintenance that can make sure that you are ready to take on the roads with the best handling. Replacing motorcycle brake pads can be an incredibly easy process, if you have access to a paddock stand and you are willing to put in a bit of work, this is something you don't need to go to a garage for.

Getting started:

With a few good wrenches, sockets or Alan Keyes, a rag and some brake cleaner spray you can be ready to change out almost any style of brake pad. You can usually tell brake pads need changing if the indicator groove that's molded into the appearance has worn down completely. When there is only around 2 mm left inside that groove, it's definitely time to change them out.

The first step is to place the motorbike up on a paddock stand and take a look for the two front disc brakes. Pick up new pads for each caliper and usually this can be done by inspecting the current pads you have on. You can also consider upgrading your brake pads do something with a ceramic backing that can reduce heat or a sintered pad that can increase stopping power.

Start by loosening out any of the screws and pins that are holding in the old pads before you remove the caliper on your bike. Do not remove any of the pins at this stage of the process. Loosen out and fully remove the caliper and bolts and make sure that the caliper is not dangling on the break hose.

Use pliers to remove the R clips and locate the lever which will release the brake pad. Take this opportunity to spray the area down with cleaner and then rub it down with a toothbrush to remove moisture.

Smear some grease into the back of the clip, clean off the pins and put in a new pads replacing the clips. Slide the caliper back into the brake disc, smear some extra grease into non-threaded parts and then tighten everything up.

Top of the brake fluid and pump your brakes a few times until the pressure returns to the lines.

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