How to Grease up components of your bike

Lubrication is essential to motorcycle maintenance over short period of time various components on a motorbike can actually start to seize up and stiffen. Whether it's through overuse or changing weather conditions prevention of this stiffening process is essential to improving control with your bike. There are a number of elements that need proper lubrication across any motorcycle. Here is a quick description of everything that needs treatment:

Operating cables: any of the operating cables including your clutch cable need to be well lubricated. With the help of a paddock stand and a lubrication tool you can easily run grease or lubrication along these lines. Well maintained and well lubricated parts will prevent corrosion and breakages.

Brake calipers: brake calipers are also extremely prone to corrosion and coating these down with copper grease can help to prevent them from seizing up or having you lose brake power.

Fasteners: many of the main fasters that you might have to remove for maintenance or body components can start to corrode over time and this can make maintenance very difficult. The adjusters for drum brakes and exhaust mounts can really seize up over time. With copper grease and a paintbrush you can lube up to these threads so that they can be adjusted.

Your starter: lubricating key holes with an aerosol spray can help to make sure that the keyholes, locks and more can be in good working order lubrication for other areas such as your fuel Could also be a good idea.

Drive chain: spray living your drive chain can improve the life span and help to keep it clean. Clean off some of the older lube with paraffin and a paintbrush and make sure that you can dry it out with a rag over time.

Keep some of these key components in mind if you are interested in performing regular maintenance and greasing up components on your bike more easily. Keep in mind that it's easier to lubricate all of these components with the help of a paddock stand.

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