How to do coolant checks on your bike

Proper coolant levels are essential to keeping a well operating motorbike with the help of a quick cooling check before you head out on the road you can prevent problems with overheating, issues of breakdowns and make sure that you can prevent accidents on the road. Here is a simple guide on how you can do coolant checks on your bike. Of course it's always a good idea to consider stabilizing your bike with a proper stand like a paddock stand with wheel chocks first.

Pick up some fresh coolant which can include any freeze and water distilled into a mix as well as a funnel that you can use for the system. Most bike engines are made of an aluminum alloy and this means that cooling is needed inside the engine. Be sure to check into your owners manual to see the capacity and the best type of coolant for the model of your bike. Most bikes recommended dilution ratio 50-50 or you can get recommended premixed solutions.

It's a good idea to do this before you go riding and when the engine hasn't been running. Coolant can often shoot out of the cap when the engine is warm.

Once you have the coolant on hand you can use a drip pan with your paddock stand and find the fairing panels and sockets that are in front of the main drain bolt. Alan Keyes are usually used to remove the fairing panels and sockets and then wrenches can be used to remove the main drain bolt. As soon as the drain bolt is removed make sure that the coolant can completely leak out into the pan.

The pen should drain out in around 10 min. and then you can top up the coolant levels using a funnel with the brand-new coolant, replacing the cap and the components it may sit on top of it. After you're finished you can take the bike down from the paddock stand and get back to riding!

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