Do you know that motorcycles have more demanding lubrication needs than most cars do? Generally, engine oil is defined as “a fluid that decreases friction and wears between moving parts within an engine and hence keeps it cool “comparable to blood that runs through the human system to function well. With that being said, motorcycle oil leak should be attended when notice.

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Common Causes of Oil Leak

It could be more frustrating for bike owners to find excessive oil yet no idea for the potential culprits. Over time, parts of your motorcycle engine will start to wear out which causes oil leaks, here are possible cause and location that you could check.

  • Oil filters normally wears out and a common cause of leaks. If the seal starts to crack or loose, it allows the oil to escape.
  • Oil pan seal between motorcycle engine block, eventually the oil pan will wear out, dry and brittle allowing the oil to seep out.
  • Drain plug or filter cup can be a culprit. A plug with worn or misaligned threads can also cause oil to spill out.
  • Valve gasket normally gets old or weak especially if the motorcycle has higher mileage. When the pressure in the seal increases it causes leaks and failures.
  • Brittle or leak hoses and tubes also considered as one reason for the fluid leak. Oil normally channeled through it and leak can be started at its different connection.


How to Determine If There's an Oil Leak?

Chasing down an oil leak can be a daunting task, pinpointing the leak can be difficult not unless you have these methods.

 When the engine is cool or when it has been sitting overnight, check the oil dipstick. When the level drops over time, it’s an indication that the bikes losing oil.

  • Clean the areas of the common (which we just have mentioned) causes oil leaks, observe if it gets moist again and again, considered it a red flag.
  • Put a newspaper under the motorcycle overnight to easily spot the stain in the morning.
  • Observe the smoke coming from the tailpipe when driving or if you seemed to smell burning oil while on the road.


How to Fix It, Yourself - DYI

Most often than not, fixing a motorcycle oil leak requires you to hire professional assistance but if you seemed to find a simple issue why not try it yourself with these methods.

  • Prepare some tools such as paddock stands, stand wrench, replacement parts, pliers and owner’s manual.
  • Total preparation follows, making sure that the engine is cold, the position of the bike and cloth or newspaper on the floor.
  • Check the possible cause; make a thorough inspection of the bike to start with.
  • Utilized several methods of repair to fix the leaking motorcycle leading oil. Through replacing tools or materials that causes the issues. A sealant could be alternative 

There are many ways that can be used to rectify the engine or when the motorcycle oil will leak. Others try a "Do it yourself" process, some hire an expert and utilized tools and products that solve the issue. Either way, prevention is better than cure thus proper maintenance is the best to avoid high repair cost. When was the last time you check your motorcycle oil?

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