How to change your motorcycle oil

If you are a person that quite regularly goes to the garage to get your motorcycle oil changed, you might want to consider trying to change it at home at least once. The process is actually extremely easy and once you learn how to do it it's a great way that you can save money on the cost of owning a motorcycle. With a paddock stand in a drip pan you can make great progress with changing the oil out on your motorcycle. Here are the steps involved:

Set up the bike and a paddock stand raised above the oil pan.

Release the previous oil filter with a filter wrench or with the help of a rubber belt that you can wrap around it to unscrew it. Be careful not to damage the air filter is this can send shrapnel back into the engine. Let the oil pan completely drain out.

Install a drain plug washer that is brand-new and put the drain bolt back in to make sure that extra dirt and grime doesn't make its way into the engine.

Prepping new oil filter by filling it just a quarter full with fresh oil. Swish the oil around and rub a dab of oil along the rubber seal at the base. Make sure that the seal is completely clear of grime and dirt and make sure to completely remove the dirty oil from the area you are working so you don't fill up the tank with the spent oil.

Fill the tank up with oil to about half a court under the full capacity of the fill hole. Check the level as you go and make sure that you're using compatible oil and a proper funnel so that you don't make a mess.

Do a quick cleanup and once you've attached all of the various bolts and caps you can be ready to go. Make sure that the spent oil doesn't leak and that you are very careful with rags and spent components as you could pollute the environment if they are left near a storm drain or other feature.

Take the bike down from the paddock stand and you'll be ready to ride!

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