How to change a motorcycle air filter

In order to keep your motorcycle running an ideal shape you should consider the idea of regularly changing out your air filter. Changing your motorcycle air filter will help to provide you with a performance boost and it can also be a big improvement for preventing extra wear and tear on your engine. Changing of the motorcycle air filter can actually be much easier than many bike owners would consider. Setting up your motorcycle on top of a paddock stand can be an important first step for improving maintenance like this. With just a few tools and a replacement filter, you can change this out without having to go to a garage or repair shop. Here are some of the top steps involved with changing out a motorcycle air filter:

Choose the filter that fits your motorcycle. There are foam filters as well as paper filters and a paper filter should be changed once every 30,000 km. Foam filters can last a little bit longer.

Open up the operation case that the filter is under inside the tank. Some motorcycles actually have the filter on one side which makes the process of removing it much easier. Check out the manual for your motorbike to see where it is located for your needs.

With the help of the screwdriver you can remove the cover and access the area easily. If the filter is under the tank this can mean removing the cover of the tank with a screwdriver, disconnecting the radiator hose and then lifting it out completely.

Turn off the fuel inlet and lift and released the fuel gauge with three of the other tables that sit on top of the cover. From here you should be able to remove the cover with a screwdriver.

At this point you can take out the old air filter and replace it with a brand-new one. From there you can reattach the cover, place the other components back on top of it and turn on the fuel mix to begin riding again. Just remove it from the paddock stand and you will be ready to fire it up.

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