How to adjust/lubricate Motorcycle cables

In order for your clutch to continue operating normally and for your throttle to be responsive you will need to regularly perform maintenance on these cables. Your clutch and your throttle will require routine maintenance just like on any other machine and if you fail to give them the maintenance that they need, they're going to wear down over time. Proper lubrication and adjustment for your motorcycle cables will make sure that your vehicle will not fail at an inopportune moment.

There are several different options for lubrication such as a powdered graphite and WD-40 mix or motor oil. It's never a good idea to consider using items like chain lubricant that you have left over. Once you have your motorcycle up on a paddock stand, here are some of the steps involved with adjusting and lubricating motorcycle cables:

Check your cable type: older types of motorcycles often come with steel style cables newer motorcycles often come with Teflon and using the wrong lubricant with this can corrode the cable.

Unlock the cable: remove the cable way from the throttle drum and the end of the handle bar and remember how they hook up so that you can re-create this process later.

Getting ready: Use a cable lubrication tool or take a sandwich bag and cut a 45° angle with the end of the cable in the hole with your favorite lubricant filling up the bag. Take the outside of the bag along the cable housing and begin dragging the cable along it to distribute the lubricant.

Make sure that the lubricant is running down the inner cable: You will see that the lubricant has completely penetrated the cable when it starts leaking to the other end of the cable. Once there properly lubricated wipe everything down and reset the cables back to their original condition.

You can take the bike down from the paddock stand and enjoy a quick ride to make sure that everything is responsive!

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