If you are going out for a long ride it's a good idea to adjust and check the tire pressure on your motorcycle. With a paddock stand you can very easily raise your bike up so that you can get a proper reading for the tire pressure as well as easily inflate or deflate the tires as required.

Inspecting the tread is also an important aspect of motorcycle ownership. With tire tread you need to be able to do a visual inspection of the treads on your tires to make sure that you can still have grip on the road. A visual inspection of your tires before every ride is an excellent habit to get into.

Check for any signs of punctures or cracking in old tires and measure tread levels. The measure tread levels use a US quarter and place it into the treads, If the treads extend inward for at least a few millimeters past the top of Washington's head, the tires will not need replacement. If you can only lightly get the quarter past the treads and there is not much room for it to fit into the tread, this tire could require replacement.

To get started you will need access to a tire pressure gauge that you can find it almost any service station. Tire inflation specifications for your motorcycle are likely in the service manual and without of a bicycle tire air pump or an air compressor, you can easily make the adjustments the tire pressure.

Unscrew the cap on your tire and inserted tire pressure gauge to read the total pressure in units in each tire. You will either have a gauge that reason PSI or bar. Most gauges have conversions for both. Sometimes you can find specifications for the ideal tire pressure on the sidewall of the tire or in your service manual.

Tire pressure is something that will constantly change with your bike. It can fluctuate depending on temperature, the way that you ride your bike, how long your bike is been in storage and more. Even switching over to a different brand of tire can really make your bike ride differently and make sure that you have to adjust your bike to a number of different tire pressures.

It's usually recommended to only keep a wanted to PSI difference from your user manual if you are a fairly novice rider. For track conditions you could consider going with a firmer inflation and for off-road conditions you will definitely want to take a bit of air out of the tire. Unless you're going to be riding in these conditions often however you will likely want to keep the manufacturer's specifications for riding on the road.

Over inflating tires is never recommended as it can lead to accelerated tire wear and problems with a hard ride on your motorbike that can create balance issues. Lower pressures can also increase heat within the tire and this can accelerate the wear or increase the risk of a puncture.

As you are inflating the tires with a pump make sure that you keep a close eye on the pressure, in the worst case you can push the pin inside the tire inflation bar to let a bit of air out and balance the pressure. Make sure that you get the pressure right before you take the bike down from your paddock stand!

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