The irony of transporting your motorcycle exists when you need to transport them by pickup trucks or trailer. Simply because there are many bikes that often get damaged due to incorrect tying-down. Even if you own a Tata Xenon, Isuzu D-Max or any other pickup truck, an in-correct tie-down procedure may bring risk to your precious motorcycle. Following this step by step guide will allow you to have a successful and enjoyable hauling experience.


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What Are The Right Tools to Use?

There are no such things as good or bad hauling experienced, it's the right tools and methods that matter. Here are some suggested types of equipment that found essential. 

  • The vehicle is an important equipment for hauling a bike. You can opt for a trailer which is designed to securely hold the bike or you can use a pickup truck that can carry heavy loads.
  • The ramp is another best tool to use and alleviate the chance of break-over-angle. There are different types of ramps that you can choose from like short and long one. The choice of the ramp may vary depending on the size of the bike.
  • A front wheel chock will help to secure and keeps the motorcycle straight all throughout your travel. It securely supports your bike in an upright position on any flat surface.
  • A Tie-Down Straps can keep your bike away from falling. Chose good quality tie-down straps, which can buckle tight and never slip or lose. 

Get to Know the Step by Step Procedure

Considering that you have all the tools or equipment, hauling the bike alone is impossible and a hard task thus before you proceed to the next procedure be sure that you have one (or two) persons that are willing to assist to do the following.   

  • Install a motorcycle wheel chock in the right position. Making sure that all bolts and nuts are tightened and in place.
  • Prepare the motorcycle ramp to load the motorcycle in the pickup or trailer truck. Make sure that the ramp is centred in the path of the tire and it should be arched at the top where it attaches to the tailgate.
  • Secure your motorcycle with tie-downs. Tying it up into four angles through securing the front wheel and the rear. Apply enough pressure on both sides but be careful not to hit the brake lines, wirings or other parts.
  • When everything is tie-down check it thoroughly including the distance of the straps and the right tight. Make sure that all corners are secured or see any excess lengths of straps that may cause problems. 

It has been said, that the right methods and tools (and a friend) can help you haul or transport your motorcycle well. Invest in a good set of tie straps and wheel chock to avoid a loading mishap. Looking for affordable and reliable tools/accessories?

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