Are you aiming to get the best paddock stand deal? We know for a fact that shopping for any kind of motorcycle accessories can be a daunting task because there are many suppliers, brands, manufacturers and prices to considered and compared in order to have a fair deal. 

Buying Paddock Stand in India

According to the Central Statistics Organization (CSO), the Indian economy grew and that includes the booming motorcycle industry. If you look for the automobile sector, it shows that the economy behaves and registered a high record level in terms of sales. In other words, the demands in a motorcycle (including parts and accessories) were increasing year after year which shows that a lot of people today trusted products from India for some reason.

In addition, there are many bikers/motorist participated in a survey (pointing out the quality and price) revealed that buying a paddock stand in India is more reliable than the ones cheap and imported from other countries that usually manufactured similar yet low quality of goods. 

Types of Paddock Stand Available

Gone are the days where you need to hire a skilled mechanics for your bike maintenance as you can do it yourself as long as you have paddock stands that lift and hold still the bike. There are different types of paddock stand; each one has its own features and purpose such as.


Front paddock stand - comes in extra heavy duty steel that guarantees durability and long lifespan. Front paddock will assure every user to move upwards the front wheel for repair without damaging or scratch.

 Paddock Stand

Rear paddock stand - this is ideal for lifting the back wheel of the motorcycle. It comes with a unique width arm that easier raises the rear end for cleaning and maintenance.

 Paddock Stand

Single sided paddock stand - is designed to fit most of the motorcycle brands. It featured with a single arm, a heavy-duty metal that is rust-free and durable. It has a U-shape design that supports the strength of the bike when lifted.

Triple tree paddock stand - is perfect for home and shop repair. It is professionally designed with 5 triple pins that cater most of sports bike. It is the best partner for your "DIY" project.


Why Should You Buy A Paddock Stand?


  • It allows you to do some repair and motorcycle maintenance without physical assistance.
  • It freely rotates the motorcycle wheel for tire maintenance.
  • You can change your flat tire without hassle as you can easily lift the bike from the floor through paddock stand.
  • You can easily clean or oil-up the motorcycle chain when needed.
  • You can change tire alone right in your garage.
  • It is the best tools to use for changing your bikes engine oil.


To sum it all, whether you are buying a good paddock stand in India or from other suppliers, the truth still remains that this equipment is an essential piece to own or have-to in your garage for your own benefits. However, getting the best deal of paddock stand sale in India is for the consumer to take advantage of.

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