Bolted or Welded - Which trailer is better?


The question of the strength of bolted versus welded trailers has been an ongoing debate, and we shall help you narrow down to either of these by the end of this article.

Bolted Trailers

A bolted trailer is simply fastened with nuts and bolts. In terms of price, a bolted trailer is far cheaper than a welded one, and its prices usually fluctuate along with the prices of steel. The bolted trailer also incurs less cost in manufacturing which means lesser selling price, and their construction is much more efficient and automated than the welded alternative. In their making, bolted trailers are not very complicated, hence their simplicity even in their offering. 

Bolted trailers are not rigid; they allow easy movement and immense flexibility. They are joined by plates which allow for a very flexible movement without much stress. One of the disadvantages in case of bolted trailers is that it requires additional equipment for installation, which can be troublesome for both the manufacturer and yourself if you want to fix an unscrewed bolt.

When you purchase a bolted trailer, it is important to understand the method of manufacturing. Most manufacturers use anaerobic sealers to secure loose ends, otherwise the plates are prone to vibrations. Manufacturers also make use of lock washers to secure such loose ends. In the absence of air, the anaerobic sealers harden which tightens the bolts and holds them in place. place. 

Another plus point of bolted trailers is that even though they do require additional tools to repair, they are a lot easier to repair and can be done all by yourself.

Welded Trailers

The welded trailers are simply that: welded, and are pieced together by experienced welders. This piecing together by welders incurs a higher cost in the process of manufacturing. Some welders, given their expertise, can charge a huge amount per hour, unless the manufacturer opts for a cheaper welder. In which case, the welded trailers will not be as great and less reliable. When buying a welding trailer, although it goes for a bolted trailer as well, always purchase a branded one or one from a reliable vendor. 

Welded trailers have a greater strength and are pretty straightforward in making since they do not need holes to be punched in. It is true that almost any two things can be welded together; and the welded trailers, because of this, are extremely versatile. More parts can be added as and when needed. However, they are far more rigid and do not allow flexibility in movement.

Welding is a very hazardous process, so unless you are an experienced welder, fixing a broken trailer is out of question. You can either go to the manufacturers site or a local welder to get your trailer repaired in case it breaks down.

In conclusion, bolted trailer is a great option if you are looking for a cheap but reliable trailer. Welded trailers, on the other hand, are more expensive. If your main focus is on the performance and not on the price, welded trailers are your go-to.

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