It could be more frustrating when you hop on your bike and found out that it wouldn't start or work and no one seemed to fix and solve. You don't have to be a mechanically inclined person you only need to own some tools for motorcycle maintenance  in which you can do just at the comfort of your garage. Take a look of these tools that turning the complex task into easy jobs.

A Must- Have Tools for Motorcycle Maintenance

 Torque Wrench

Torque Wrench is considered as one essential tool that every driver must-have since motorcycle is most bolted together. It is used as fasteners, to lose or tight nuts and bolts spontaneously. There are two types of torque wrench (manual and pneumatic) both have a similar function and specification that suits your needs.


Different size of pliers brings multipurpose for fixing stuff. It is the best tools that are useful for motorcycle maintenance; it can fix almost anything in bike's issues. Purchase the best pliers that you can afford to expect quality and longevity of service. 

Oil Drain Pan

Change oil is the basic necessity of a motorcycle and oil drain pan is quite a helpful object if you want a straightforward process. Change oil is one of the easiest tasks that bikers should know and it can be easier if you can directly catch it in an oil pan. 


You will need a plastic hammer in the toolkit.  Not literally a huge hammer, just enough and handy for tapping crankcases, re-installing cylinders, axels and many other jobs. A tool that helps you works things back in place and shape. 


Screwdrivers are considered as important tools in the box as it does an excellent job in terms of tightened or loosen a screw. Owning a complete set is an advantage. 

Bike Stand

 Working, fixes and maintenance tasks on a motorcycle at home are much easier when you have a bike stand. A stand suspends your two-wheel vehicle without having to hold it up. This tool is necessary when you need to remove the front wheel or if the bike comes with a one side stand. 

Tire Pressure Gauge

You might not consider pressure gauge as a "tool" but since it is important to keep the pressure of your tire on its optimal amount, owning one is necessary. We know a lot of issues related to under inflation and over inflation and having this equipment is one way to prevent the unwanted situation. 

Chain brush

Chain brush is an essential tool to keep in your toolbox. It helps you keep your motorcycle chain running smoothly. Chain brush is design to all sides of the chain and in between links and rollers. 

Chain Lube

Cleaning your motorcycle chain wouldn't be complete without chain lube. Get one product that has a powerful element to removes all encrusted deposits. Use the best chain lube that makes your cleaning task hassle-free.   

Owner’s Manual

Of course, motorcycle maintenance should be performed with owner’s manual as it helps you determine the issue, replacing the right tools or in other words assembling and disassembling. Always have an owner manual in your position.

 Having these basic tools to maintain your motorcycle is a source of great satisfaction. Before we end up this conversation, check the following factors that help you find the best instruments. 

  • Prices can be varying depending on the brand you can choose between cheap and pricey items. It is better if you aim to somewhere in the middle or find premium tools with discounts.
  • Quality comes first when buying a product, the stronger the better. High-quality tools or spare parts might be expensive but it is way better to invest once (durable tools) than to keep on buying unreliable equipment.
  • Reliability is another factor, buy one wherein you can rely on and can be pushed much harder in certain situations 

The moment you know your bike well, you will be realized what types of tools you really need in order to do most of the maintenance. And believe me; the above-mentioned instruments are included in the list.


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