Not every motorcycle rider seems to have an affinity for completing maintenance at home or expertise as a mechanic. By learning some of the basic mechanics of how your motorcycle works and handling some of the basics for maintenance, you can make sure that it stays in good condition and you can actually work to save money on your garage fees.

If you're the type of rider that regularly take your bike in for service on a tire change, oil change or other small adjustments, these expenses can start to add up quickly. With a simple garage setup including a wheel chock or a paddock stand you can be ready to take on most of the easiest maintenance tasks with your service manual and a few tools. Here are some of the top 10 maintenance tasks that you can do with a few minimal tools at home:

Checking tire pressure:

Checking into your tire pressure is something that you should do almost every time you go out for a long ride. Handling and braking can be seriously affected if you don't have tires that are inflated enough. Checking your tire pressure with the help of a tire pressure gauge can be a simple project that you can take on in the drive way.

Adjusting Chain Tension:

Chain tension can cause excess gearbox wear and a series of transmission issues as well. By keeping the chain on your bike at the right tension you can help to avoid excessive wear on your bike and increase its longevity.

Doing Coolant checks

Checking coolant levels before long ride should be important to almost any type of motorcycle owner. It takes just a few minutes the top of coolant and this is something that you can use to keep your bike running for a much longer amount of time.

Changing your own oil

By picking up an oil pan and a paddock stand, you can make it really easy to change your oil. It takes just a few minutes and you can drain out some of the old oil replacing it quite easily. This can save you money regularly if you keep going to a garage to get this done.

Checking your battery:

With the help of a battery charger you can check into the state of charge with your own battery. By making sure that you regularly check on your battery, you can work at charging it up or get a battery replacement so you don’t end up stuck.

Adjusting and lubricating cables:

Getting a stand and a hydraulic cable oil or can help to improve the function of the clutch and make sure that the throttle remains responsive lubrication is important for tables across your entire motorcycle.

Changing your air filter:

A quick change of your air filter can actually result in some performance enhancements for your bike. Rather than engine components being constantly gummed up, a new air filter can help to prevent this from happening.

Replacing your spark plugs:

A quick replacement of a spark plug can make a huge impact when it comes to keeping your motorcycle running smoothly. Replacing some of your older spark plugs is an important step and it can help an engine run more smoothly.

Replacing your brake pads

Replacing brake pad is easy if you have a wheel chock or a paddock stand. They come off with just a few tools and this can make an impact with the handling of your bike.

Greasing the components of your bike

Greasing the bikes components regularly will help to improve its longevity and make sure that everything runs smoothly on the roads.

Keep some of these top ideas in mind for maintenance that you can complete easily at home.

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